Episode 16: Why Your Students Think They're Studying (Even When They're Not) & How You Can Help

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Despite planning engaging lessons, reviewing important concepts in class, and providing students with study guides, there still may be a handful of students that struggle come test time. It is often from these students that we hear the sounds of frustration as they insist that they spent a significant amount of time studying— and still, to their amazement and displeasure, they failed the exam. 

In this episode, Danielle and Nicole explore the disconnect that is happening all too regularly when students think they are studying even though what they are spending their time on is the furthest thing from that a teacher could imagine.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

-How to recognize the language students use when they truly believe they are studying

-Some of the most common misconceptions students have about what constitutes studying

-4 steps to take to help those students form better study habits immediately

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