Episode 28: 7 Things I Did As a New Teacher That I Wouldn't Do Now

podcast episode 28

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This week, Danielle and Nicole reflect on what it was like to be new to the classroom, and the habits and decisions they made as new and eager teachers. Danielle and Nicole have different levels of teaching experience and roads that led them to the classroom, but, they have one thing in common: the many decisions they made as first year teachers that they simply wouldn’t do again. Having recently made a transition to a new school, Nicole is speaks about the many emotions and challenges associated with being new to a school setting, and how this change has prompted her to revisit what it was like as a first year teacher. 

In this episode you’ll hear: 

When and why it’s ok to say “no” 

The importance of teacher socialization and community 

First year teacher habits to avoid 

How to utilize your voice and point of view no matter your experience level

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PS - When we asked our listeners to best define their first year of teaching in only a few words, one of our favorite responses was “tomorrow is a new day!”