Episode 43: Summer Playlist Series: Organizing Seats, Stuff & Schedules

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Organization is on the top of our minds—that is what we’ve been doing! The Total Teacher Summit is keeping us busy, and we are organization central! Scheduling talks, coordinating with our nearly 2 dozen speakers at this point—it can be a lot to manage.

But we know that we aren’t the only ones that have to think about organization…as we approach August, now is the time to start thinking about all the systems to put into place, because, honestly, if you think things will just fall into place…they won’t. You need to be intentional.

-Fitting for the final episode of the Summer Series Playlist— this is the logistics episode!

-When thinking about those first few days, don’t forget about the time before 

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Kelly Jackson of @thesimplyorganizedteacher 

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and keeping things where they belong once the year has started


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