Episode 42: Summer Playlist Series: Creating Great Activities and Assessments

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Playlist 4: Creating great activities and assessments

Do your classroom activities or assessments need a makeover for the 2019 school year? After you’ve considered how you will get to know your students in those first few days and weeks (listen to last week’s recommendations in playlist 3 for help with that), it’s time to think about how to create lesson plans and assessments that work for you and your students. Whether it’s how much class time to dedicate to a particular topic, how to give assessments that challenge each individual student, or how to make students care by making real world connections, Pam, Kristin, and Emily will inspire you to revamp the way you think of activities and assessments—and it’s sure to change the way your students think as well!

Ep 27 Choice Boards with Kristin Yann


-Makes sure that you have a challenge suited for each student

-So you won’t forget any components, choice board checklist

Ep 21 Curriculum that Motivates with Emily Aierstok


-interdisciplinary, connected to the real world

-you are more interested as well as the students (longevity in the classroom)

Ep 35 Breaking Down The Writing Process with Pam Olivieri


-what do you need to slow down in order to effectively teach

-how can you model each step