Episode 21: Curriculum That Motivates (And Reignites Your Passion For Teaching!) with Emily Aierstok

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How can you set not only your students but also yourself up for long term success in the classroom? How do you create a classroom that you look forward to walking into day after day and year after year? 

Emily Aierstok is an educator with an impressive resume that demonstrates that she is both an expert in her subject matter as well as authority on all matters in the classroom. In a field with a reputation for burnout, Emily stands out. She has worked at the same school, teaching 7th grade ELA for seventeen years and her passion for it is evident to this day. Emily is a self-proclaimed “curriculum junkie” and she uses this interest to plan engaging, meaningful lessons that keep challenging her students and to see what they are capable of. 

In this episode, you’ll hear

-how to adapt to curriculum changes 

-how to plan lessons that are both fun and keep students on their toes 

-why making something relevant to students doesn’t mean compromising standards or expectations 

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