Episode 9: Cultivating Healthy Routines For Life Outside The Classroom with Michele Hamilton

episode 9

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How can you make sure that you are giving your absolute best to your students each and every day without sacrificing your own personal well-being and self- care? As dedicated educators, we give so much of ourselves to our careers and our students that too often we neglect working on ourselves. 

This week, Danielle and Nicole interview Michele Hamilton, a veteran teacher from Texas who shares openly about her own struggles with work life balance—and the exact steps she has taken to become the best version of herself, both personally and professionally. Michele’s unconventional journey into the teaching profession and a decade in the field that left her on the verge of burnout demonstrates that with the right attitude, it is possible to overcome any challenge. Her touching story of changing her mindset in order to take back control of her weight, her classroom, and her career path is absolutely empowering. Michele provides actionable tips that any listener can implement to replicate the morning routine she herself, one that has gotten her not only back on track but into a space where she can truly thrive. Michele now lives the growth mindset, and she shows us how we—and our students—can do the same.

In this episode you’ll hear:

• How and when to incorporate daily prayer and affirmations

• How to get in a real workout that you won’t just “half step” or skip

• How to set your mind for the day

• How to prioritize and organize with regular brain dump to find margin in every day

Connect with Michele:

Michele's Instagram: instagram.com/michelehamilton_/
Michele’s website: http://redefinehappiness.com/