Episode 45: How To Get the Most Out of Attending a Virtual Summit

podcast episode 45

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We're back again to discuss our favorite topic...virtual summits! As you likely already know, the Total Teacher Summit is our all virtual, all free teacher conference chock full of 20+ presenters over 2 days covering 10+ categories! Today we're diving deeper into how to get the most out of attending any virtual summit, regardless of the subject area or topic. 

Here are some key pieces to keep in mind: 

Register and mark it in your calendar. We will also send you reminder emails about the talks/topics you said you were interested in!

Tell others about it so you can attend with friends. #TotalTeacherSummit is the hashtag to use!

Consider having a watch party with one or two of your #teacherbesties

Follow the speakers that you are interested in—tell them you are excited about hearing their talk! Fill out your virtual name tag and post it to start making connections with other attendees Get your free goodie bag via email

Grab the freebie offered from the speaker -This should help you get even more out of the presentation

Join the private FB group for the event!

Close those other tabs -You tell your students multitasking doesn’t work so don’t be that person

Take notes (and post those too!) Get in the chat and ask questions.

Tell others in the private FB group how you plan to use the new strategy! You are far more likely to make it happen Don’t let it end when the conference ends! Stay connected with those that you’ve met and the presenters you’ve been introduced to and consider registering for the All Access Pass so you can listen again when you need it most and score some incredible extras in our bundle or exclusives/exclusive deals