Episode 46: Are You Ready to Host a Virtual Summit? Here's Why This is Your Next Perfect Classroom Project

podcast episode 46

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You know that you need to make your students give presentations. Being able to present is a lifeskill they need to have and it may even be part of your Common Core Standards. But oral presentations might inspire you with just as much dread as your students. Whether you are filled with trepidation knowing how anxiety-ridden some of your students will get at at the thought of standing in front of the class, exasperation at the monotonous subject matter that too often fills the speeches, or downright resentment as you watch the rest of the class tuning out the speaker from their desk, pleased to do the bare minimum as they skate by for the class period, oral presentations seem like a stale vestige of what education looks like.

In this episode, Danielle and Nicole discuss how reframing the traditional oral presentation as a virtual summit breathes new life into this tired assignment. Though virtual summits are only now gaining traction in the online education and entrepreneurship communities, we think they have incredible potential for the classroom setting as well. From having students practice soft skills to increased critical thinking and options for demonstrating that they truly know their audience, we dig into why we believe that a class-wide virtual summit would be a great addition to your the projects your planning for your students this upcoming school year.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

-How the typical oral presentations have the same pitfalls as essays

-How to save class time by using making use of the Flipped Classroom concept

-How using “Chat” makes for a more authentic way and engaging way for the “viewers” to participate

-How student ownership and virtual summits go hand in hand

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