Episode 34: It's About Time: Meet Your Hosts, Danielle & Nicole

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An episode an entire school year in the making, Danielle and Nicole finally open up about themselves! After more than 30 episodes and a dozen interviews, co-hosts Danielle and Nicole discuss how they got into teaching, how their friendship developed, and why they opted to start a podcast— even though it was something that was far out of their comfort zones.

After all this time, we share our own answers to some of our most common interview questions. From why Nicole decided to teach Spanish to Danielle’s first online teaching business, we share it all. We reflect on how far we’ve come since those early episodes and reveal what is next for Edverything. If you’ve ever wondered about the voices behind the mics, you will get an inside look in this honest, unedited episode, one that will hopefully give you, too, the inspiration to try something new and permission to leave your excuses and perfectionism behind.

In this episode, you’ll hear

-Why we didn’t do this episode earlier (and what happened when we initially tried)

-How a school trip created a long-term friendship

-How our mission never changed, but how the way to execute it effectively took time to develop

-The crucial lessons we’ve learned after a school year of podcasting

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