Episode 48: 3 Things We're Leaving Behind This School Year

episode 48

New year, new me...well, sort of! Danielle & Nicole debrief after the Total Teacher Summit 2019 and share how watching more than 20+ talks put on by experts from around the world really changed their perspectives as the new school year approaches. In hearing talks that ranged from best practices for teacher self-care to automizing systems in your classroom to ultimately take less work home with you, it's safe to say that there were many major takeaways from this weekend.

If you'd like to gain access to these talks and get your hands on exclusive content provided by each of the incredible Total Teacher Summit speakers, head to https://the-total-teacher-summit.heysummit.com/

So, what exactly are Danielle & Nicole 'giving up' this school year?

Well, for Nicole, she's using elements from her talk on Teacher Perfectionism to reframe how she encounters inevitable challenges throughout the school year, personal relationships, and inner dialogue. Many of these changes were inspired by Amanda Murtaugh's quote "Don't compare someone else's month highlight reel with your average Tuesday".

Danielle is working hard to relieve some of the self-inflicted stress and pressure especially when it comes to trying to control her students' decision making. She's learning to walk away from her instinct to "recreate the wheel", and stop creating more unnecessary work for herself.