Episode 10: Steps For A Successful Parent-Teacher Conference

episode 10

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How can you go into Parent-Teacher Conferences with confidence instead of dread? How can you make the most of this night, truly viewing it as an opportunity rather than just another teaching obligation?

In this week’s episode, Danielle and Nicole explain just how to make this important mindset shift, focusing on how to make the most out of Parent-Teacher Conferences. We explain the exact steps to take, both before and during conferences, to help you make the process both less stressful and more productive. With honest, thoughtful, and strategic communication, conferences have the potential to turn parents into partners and allies, a situation that benefits teachers, parents themselves, and ultimately students.

In this episode you’ll hear:
• How to give each individual conference structure 
• The what and how of giving feedback
• How to leverage a growth mindset attitude during conferences 
• What resources to have handy
• Why you may need to “educate” parents during conferences 
• How to wrap up each meeting

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