Episode 41: Summer Playlist Series: Getting to Know Your Students

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With July in full swing, many teachers start thinking about the upcoming school year. As thoughts about the approaching school year, concerns about getting to know an entirely different group of students may start to creep in. Getting to know our students is one of our top priorities in those first days and weeks, but how can we do so in a way that is effective? Amanda, Janelle, and Kayla share what you need to know to get to know those new kiddos—and strategies that help you see what they really need right from the start

Amanda Murtaugh:


- assess what students need

  • use invitational language from the very start

  • asking last years instructors for any tips for teacher

Janelle Everetts:


  • Letting students get to know a bit about you to establish trust and shared interests

  • Seeing the decor in your classroom as an opportunity to get to know one another

  • Connecting with students through writing

Kayla Dessert:


  • Lists a bunch of ways to gain insights into what your students are into—and a reminder to make sure you know what is in right now

  • Infuse your own personality into your lessons

  • Let them share their “wins” and learn what that means to them