Episode 17: How To Make A Solid Sub Plan in 20 Minutes or Less with Nicki Dingraudo

episode 17

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Being a teacher is a stressful job, and this feels especially true when we are experiencing illness. While in most professions informing your employer that you will not be in on a given day is all you need to do before you head back to bed to get the rest your body desperately needs, for classroom teachers, our obligation is typically far from over. Between feelings of guilt over letting down the students who most need us there and overwhelm at the prospect of spontaneously coming up with an effective sub plan, you may feel tempted to just go in as it seems like an easier option than staying home. But it doesn’t have to be this way— and it has nothing to do with falling back on the irrelevant emergency sub plan you had to submit months ago.
In today’s episode, Danielle and Nicole interview Nicki of SprinkleToppedTeacher, the second grade teacher behind the 20 Minute Sub Plan. Based on her own health struggles, Nicki developed a system to make sub plans that work—and only take mere minutes to complete. Her process is thorough and adaptable for any grade or class, yet it doesn’t take much effort on your end on a day you need to be out, a complete necessity when you are feeling run down. Whether you need to make these modifications to the sub plan from your bed or a hospital room, all you need is an internet connection and access to the Google template Nicki has made so you can finally rest easy and recover quickly without a second thought about school.
What you’ll hear in this episode:
-How a one time 30 minute investment of time can help provide the sub with all the extra details they need
-How to use the 20 Minute Sub Plan when you didn’t plan on being out (and how to leverage your team members)
-Best practices for sub planning (and it doesn’t take extra time)
-Actual feedback from subs and teachers alike who have implemented this plan in their own lives
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