Episode 39: Summer Playlist Series: Teacher Wellness

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Kicking off the Summer Series: Teacher Wellness

Summer is synonymous with taking it easy— but that doesn’t mean doing absolutely nothing. In fact, that is a recipe to leave you feeling completely exhausted when the school year does roll around

Start doing some of the prep this summer to get you into routines that will feel like second nature by the time the next school year begins

Ep 22 with Amanda Murtaugh

She explains why you might be feeling so exhausted—and it’s not just the hours of grading that could be taking a toll. Now is a great time to check in with yourself to evaluate if anything needs to be balanced by taking the Self Assessment she recommends—and picking times throughout the year to do it again!

Ep 9 with Michele Hamilton

In our very first interview, Michele talks about the habits she put into place that helped her fend off the burnout that had been creeping in. She talks about taking care of both mind and body in her episode, covering everything from affirmations to actually completing that workout you said you would do. I love her discussion of using a regular brain dump, and if you start putting that into practice during the summer, you are far more likely to stick with it during the school year (and get even more done this July and August!)

Ep 17 with Nicki

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we will get sick during the school year. Nicki has a 20 minute sun plan that she uses as she copes with chronic illness. She explains what to put in place early so you can make changes from your phone when you are too sick to get out of bed—and now is the perfect time to put some of those frameworks in place

These episodes originally aired throughout season 1, but listening to them all together can make all this information that much more actionable. Want even more great PD on your schedule? Make sure to mark your calendar for August 24-25 so you can join us for the Total Teacher Summit—just like these episodes, we are putting together trainings that serve all parts of the educator’s life, from wellness to lesson plans and everything in between!

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