Episode 33: Making Success Your Business: TpT Is a Business, Not a Hobby with Hayley Cain

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According to the TeachersPayTeachers website, 5 million educators used TpT in the previous year alone. While it is easy to start a store and plenty of reasons to do so, as Yari Aguili described in episode 19, there can be a large gap between those who have opened a store and those who are on track to replace their full time income exclusively with what they make on TpT.

In today’s episode, Danielle and Nicole welcome Hayley Cain of ActivityAfterMath back to the show, this time to share her expertise in terms of growing your TpT business like a boss. Hayley has been on TpT since 2014, and in that time, she has seen stunning growth. With more than 200 products and a planned product line launch in the works, Hayley explains how she has been able to hit multiple TpT milestones. Hayley talks both mindset and tactics, explaining how joy is key to making your TpT store sustainable, how she views customer service that has earned her nearly 10K reviews of 4.0 - the highest customer rating possible, and why you need to stop seeing your TpT as a hobby to see real returns. Hayley isn’t just talk--as always, she has the numbers to back up what she says, and she shares her store’s impressive revenue growth year after year. Don’t miss the secret that Hayley says helped her get over her own selling plateau that Hayley describes as instrumental in taking her from 8% growth to 49% in the course of just one year!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

-What mistakes Hayley made early on-- that is typical of new TpT sellers

-Why knowing your goal-- and how to brand your products-- can make all the difference

-How connecting in Mastermind Groups and on the TpT forum can keep you on track

-What a product line is, why your freebie needs to be created with it in mind, and why everyone should have one

-The 3 takeaways for how to scale your business-- from someone who has done it right

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In this week’s episode, Danielle and Nicole discuss the ins and outs of fully cleaning and prepping your classroom to make it easier to pack up this summer and unpack next fall. We explain why you shouldn’t underestimate the power of changing up your space, and how a small spruce can make a big difference for you and your students. Beyond the mindset shift that can help you and your students cross that finish line, we discuss that it isn’t just your physical classroom space that you need to prepare before heading out for the beach this summer. If you neglect your digital classroom space, you are leaving so much to sort through in upcoming months-- and potentially money on the table!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

-Why the end of the year is the perfect time to spruce up your classroom-- or try out something new

-How to get to inbox 0 (and stay that way) before the last day of school

-How (and why) to use an email template

-What digital files to get rid of (and how to make the most of the ones you keep)

-How cleaning (or using) the right calendar makes a major difference for end of the year events

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What you’ll hear in this episode:

-Common objections to flexible seating-- and why those points might not be so valid -How classroom procedures and modeling strategies help make flexible seating work (even for young students)

-When is the “right” time in the school year to start with flexible seating -How being creativity can help you create amazing flexible seating options-- for under $50! -How parents respond to flexible seating when first seeing it during a Back-to-School Night Links: Nicki’s first time on the show!

Episode 17: How To Make a Solid Sub Plan in 20 Minutes or Less https://www.edverything.com/podcast/2019/sub-plans-in-20-min-or-less Spark https://www.amazon.com/Spark-Revolutionary-Science-Exercise-Brain/dp/B001GAUS6E Nicki’s website: http://www.thesprinkletoppedteacher.com Nicki’s Blog: http://www.thesprinkletoppedteacher.com/2019/05/flexible-seating-ideas-for-classroom.html?m=1