Episode 40: Summer Playlist Series: TpT Tips

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Week 2 of the summer series has us turning our attention to TpT We've had a little bit of time to relax and recover from the end of the school year sprint. Last week, we featured episodes about teacher wellness and getting routines down to help you stay happy and healthy, a great foundation for getting in a routine to work from home— which can be easier said than done.

If you aren’t working during the summer, your mind might be thinking about how to make a little extra cash Whether you have yet to open your TpT store or you have one that might as well not be open because it has gained such little traction, begin with Yari’s advice in episode 19. If you need some mindset work to get you started so you stop making excuses or some tactical tips for first steps in starting an account and picking your freebie, Yari has you covered.

This is a perfect episode to pair with a crash course in branding from Amanda Thompson, episode 37 of the podcast. Amanda explains how branding is more than just colors and fonts— though she does provide some killer tips for making sure that you pick a name that will actually work for you long term. She will also help you get over that perfectionism that has been keeping you sidelined for too long.

Want to take your TpT game to the next level? Listen to Hayley’s second time on the show in episode 33. This TpTer has hit a number of impressive milestones and she shares her secrets behind it. Before spending your time uploading #allthethings you’ve ever created, listen to Hayley’s advice on product lines so you have repeat customers right from the start With trainings for budding teacherpreneurs as well as those more focused on strategies for the traditional classroom, make sure you save the date for The Total Teacher Summit! Aug 24-25! If you register for the talks and listen when they go live, it is completely free to attend, so make sure you join us for this virtual summit!

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