Episode 18: Teaching Effectively- Even When You Hate The Topic

episode 18

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What is the chapter of the book or the unit in your curriculum map that fills you with a sense of dread—the topic that if you could, you would entirely cut out or skip? While this is sure to vary depending on the age group you serve and the discipline you are in, almost invariably something will have jumped to mind immediately. How do you deal with teaching something that your heart just isn’t in? How do you teach a lesson on something that even you as the instructor dislike?

In this week’s episode, Nicole and Danielle discuss exactly that. We have come up with 5 questions to ask yourself to help you diagnose the exact reasons why you are feeling this way towards this topic. By pinpointing the source of the tension, you can apply the tips we provide for how to address the underlying stressors so that way you can plan an effective lesson and leave the negativity behind.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

-Our definition of what it means to hate a particular topic

-Why you need to acknowledge your feeling towards the topic before you start to teaching it

-The 5 reasons why you might dislike a topic— and how to troubleshoot each before stepping foot in the classroom

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