Episode 44: Why Attend A Virtual Summit

podcast episode 44

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We tackled many of the most common questions we’ve gotten in this episode of the EDverything Podcast, but we wanted to include some of those answers— and more— right here as well! 

-Where is the summit taking place?

Online.  Completely online.  No hotel stay or plane ticket required! Enjoy all the summit has to offer from the comfort of your own home!

-I’ve never attended a virtual summit before.  If the summit is all online, do I need a webcam to be an attendee?

Absolutely not!  While you will get to see our faces as hosts and the faces of most of our presenters, you do not need to appear on camera in any way.  Go ahead and attend in those pajamas if that is whatever makes you most comfortable!

-If the summit is all online, is there a way to connect with other attendees?

There sure is! We know that one of the biggest motivations behind attending a conference is networking. We are have a private Facebook group where you can connect with all those like-minded educators! All attendees will get invited to the group via email right before the summit begins on Aug. 24th.

If you want to go a step further, consider hosting a few of your closest teacher friends for a viewing party! Have everyone bring a dish, binge some amazing PD, and share a pic of the watch party on social using the hashtag #TotalTeacherSummit

-Do I have to watch all of the presentations?

Nope! You know what you need. Check out the talks that interest you! All attendees, including those who have registered for free, can watch every single talk if they so choose the weekend of Aug. 24-25th!

-Is this summit only for a specific grade level or discipline?

Our presenters are from a range of subjects and grade levels and the vast majority of the talks are designed in a way to be applicable no matter what age group or subject matter is your specialty.

-This sounds great…so why is it free to attend?

We are truly passionate about the idea of professional development, which is why we started our weekly podcast last year. We think outstanding PD is possible and should be readily available. We know that our fellow educators are some of our greatest resources, and we are so pleased to be able to offer these deserving educators a platform to share their talents, transforming teachers and classrooms around the country and around the world as a result.

-I love the mission of the summit! How can I support the summit?

We designed this summit to bring together like-minded individuals, and we truly appreciate your eagerness to give back. There are a few different ways:

-Help spread the word about the summit. Post about it to your social media channels so other like-minded teachers can find their way to this summit as well! Tag a friend or two (or 30) on Instagram. Retweet what comes in your registration email and follow us in both places.

-If you love the summit, we know you’ll enjoy our podcast as well. Subscribe to the EDverything podcast to receive even more free PD on a weekly basis, and if you like what you hear, leave us a review or rate the show.

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