Episode 19: Why You Should Be on TpT— and How To Get Started Today with Yari Aguilu

episode 19

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You’ve heard of TeachersPayTeachers. You may have even purchased products from there or downloaded a free piece of content from someone else’s store. Maybe you’ve even flirted with the idea of opening your own—but something has always prevented you from taking that leap. This episode is exactly what you need to hear and gives you the exact steps to take so you can finally start selling your teaching resources on this lucrative platform.

Yari Aguilu makes a strong case for why selling on TpT can be a rewarding experience, both financially and personally. With a promotion having removed her from the day to day interactions with students in the classroom, Yari still finds fulfillment when seeing her resources being used by teachers and students around the world. Yari has been a successful seller on the platform for years now. She explains how her process and her skills have evolved and draws upon her own experience to give pointers and confidence to those of us ready to begin our own journey on TpT.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

-Concerns you have about selling on TpT that are holding you back—and why they are totally unwarranted 

-What makes someone a good candidate for opening a store? What kind of person should consider selling on TpT?

-How to pick a name, an account type, and a freebie to get you started

-Why branding matters (and how to make yours cohesive)

-Why growing your social media presence is an essential part of becoming a success on TpT

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